Underestimating The Power of Routine

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Talking about the importance of having a routine or structure in your life is a lot more important than people perceive. Routine is something I have not had for a while due to moving countries, traveling overseas to compete at the Weightlifting World Championships and living in a hotel for the past how many weeks/months. Yes, it has really thrown me off my game but that does not mean I can’t control the controllable. So as best as I can I am getting back into my routine until we find our perfect home in Romania and I can actually have my own space, which I am longing!

I decided to talk about the importance of routine in my blog post today and also list some of the positives and negatives which you can try and overcome as you learn that some things are just point blank out of your control. So now figuring out why have you not been able to set proper goals or work towards something specific in your life, or why things have been feeling out of place and all over the show, or why you have you been feeling unorganized and stressed requires a mind-set shift.

I grew up having to set a daily schedule for myself even from the early age as 10 where I had to balance my time between training before school, after school and to make sure I get homework done. I travelled a lot even as a youngster and I was told if I do not stay on top with school work, I would have to re-do another year of school. I told myself this would never be an option. So I managed my training with upcoming competitions and as the years went on, it became a lot easier to manage. Now I set a schedule and have a routine without even thinking which means it has become part of my lifestyle.

Let’s list ways you can get into a routine and the benefits:

  • Write down either on a calendar or schedule book how you would like your day to go, obviously important to get a calendar/diary if you do not have one or you can be less old school and just make a schedule on your smart phone.
  • Stay true to your daily plan and schedule and try not to focus on other things as the importance of a list is to write down your priorities of the day. If you need to figure out your daily priorities first then, by all means, do so. Set a time to complete those tasks as you also do not want to over stack your day and come the end of the week, you cannot focus anymore on your plan or you fall off the bandwagon. That’s why 99% of people quit trying to stick to a daily plan. There are only so many things you can handle at a time so choose your tasks wisely.
  • By having a routine you can better manage your stress levels which can lead to improving mental health and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • It gives you more time to relax seeing that you do not have to be on the go the whole time. Once you have finished your task, you can relax and this will leave you feeling less anxious throughout your day wondering if you have forgotten to do something.
  • You will be able to sleep better at night knowing you can relax and all your tasks are done.
  • This gives you more time to spend with family and loved ones which most people nowadays neglect and before you know it, you have lost precious time which cannot be brought back.

I am a big family person yet I am also an active person with regards to work and sport and sometimes these things consume so much of our time that we forget how important it is to bond with the people you are closest with. Managing time has become a lot more than just getting work done at a certain time or knowing when I have to train and making sure I have time for all of these but also knowing when I can plan quality time with loved ones and actually make it special. Once you have instilled a balanced lifestyle I guarantee you will be a much more productive and happy individual.

Now, how and where do we start to set up a successful routine?

  1. Wake up at a similar time every day, believe it or not, the body and mind like routine, so by doing this you can get so much more done and your body will respond a lot better.
  2. Try and eliminate decision-making tasks until later on in the day to help give the body and brain a chance to reach its full alertness to make the best decisions possible.
  3. Creating a morning routine helps relax the mind as well as gets it to focus for a productive and energised day.
  4. Make sure you include being active like going to the gym or going for walks to make sure you keep healthy and after all a healthy body=a healthy mind.
  5. Eat healthy foods and make sure you drink enough water, by staying healthy you have so much more energy and alertness to get your daily tasks done.

So bottom line, try to get into a routine that fits your lifestyle instead of copying someone else that could potentially set you up for failure. Make the routine unique to you and remember changes takes time so no matter what you start you will not just have it work 100% on the get-go. Make changes, be flexible and cater for your needs and make sure you do the things that are on your “high” priority list first and most important enjoy life and make the most of what is happening RIGHT NOW!

“The future depends on what you do today.”

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