New Year Resolutions And Goals 2019

Moving forward towards something worthwhile is the MAIN GOAL.

Jordan Peterson

Take the next best step you can manage to take! Always move forward…

2018 was probably one of my best in terms of sporting performance and achievements. It has also been a year with loads of change, some un-expected moving of countries and some new adventures awaiting in 2019 with my mental skills seminars.

I’ll start with my achievements in sport in 2018. After 18 years of doing weightlifting and 4 Commonwealth Games, and for those that don’t know, Commonwealth Games is the 2nd biggest sporting event to the Olympics with 53 countries participating and it is held only once every four years. So a lot of time and effort and not to mention sacrifices had to be made. It was all worth it for that moment standing on the podium knowing I made it. I finally got a medal and I made not just myself proud but my country as well. My family knows how much planning and time went into this and all the money spent travelling countries to compete. Why… People ask. Because it is my passion and it has been my goal since I started the sport. To be a Commonwealth medallist. Now I have the goal of going to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

For those that know sport, it has a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes a lot more downs than ups, but what makes you successful is the fact that you can stand up from the losses or moments that put you back and move forward from them. Keeping your eye on the target and knowing the road will not be easy, but man it will feel so good once you achieve your major goals.

I have always been one to keep log of my training and goals since I can remember and a lot people think saving these or making notes of your goals isn’t of much importance and that is where I disagree. I think everyone who wants to move forward in life has to have some sort of a goal. Within that goal you need smaller goals and within those smaller goals you will need an action plan that will help you at the end of the day achieve your major goal. Sometimes years after I have written something down I go through my log books and it keeps me humble and happy knowing I have achieved a goal I wrote out 5 or 6 years prior and my long term goals are coming true.

Now to come to New Year’s resolutions. Are they important? Yes they are. You need to go into the new year with some sort of hope and goal otherwise you just live to live and that is where a lot of people get stuck in a life. That they do not necessarily love because they are afraid to take risks or to commit to something greater. Everyone is different but also everyone wants to be in happy in life. For me, to be happy is achieving my goals and knowing I wake up daily with a plan. If my plans do not always work out the way I want them to then I go back to the drawing board and reassess. If you fail at some things in your life, you take them as lessons and move forward. You cannot be stuck in the past. You need to live in the present. Be that person who has a plan for their life and work towards a better you.

Now to give you some detail on how to set your Goals for 2019.

1st – Grab a paper and pen and just jot down things you would like to do in 2019 – It can be as many things as you want

2nd – Now categorize them into long term and short term goals

3rd – Write down by when you would like to achieve these goals and be realistic

4th – Set out an action plan on how you are planning to achieve these goals

I will give an example of my goals:

Snatch 100kg

C+J 120kg

Improve in my education

Give more Sport Psychology seminars

Be a better version of me and use mediation weekly

Goals Specified:

January-July Snatch 93kg

July-Dec 2019 100kg Snatch

January-July C+J 115kg

July-Dec 120kg (After my knee rehab)

January- Presenting in Ireland in Sport Psychology

July- Sweden

Weekly- Listen to 3 podcasts

Once a week do mediation or listen to headspace- to be a better version of myself

These examples above can be designed in template format or however you want to do it. They just need to be done in a way that you can constantly revisit your plan and make sure you are on track.

Remember mental skills have to be trained the same way you would train your body. You have to constantly practice in order to perfect this skill. Play around with your goals and add to them as you feel the need. Just remember to make them specific and have a timeline.

Now what else is important when you want to achieve all your amazing goals? A support structure. Nothing in life can be done alone, so having the right people in your life can either help make you or they can break you. As harsh as it sounds it takes a lot to know who the people are that want to see you succeed and who will be walking the road with you even when things are tough. So make sure your family and friends are aware of your goals so that they can be there for you in order to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Do not be afraid to reach out to someone that inspires you or let them know how much their hard work has motivated you to be a hard worker. Trust me they appreciate those comments and those are the ones you need in your life to help pull you up to be a better version of yourself. I have always been blessed with amazing mentors and life coaches in my life who I can talk to about my future plans and goals. Let your coaches know what you would like to achieve and help them understand how badly you want these achievements. You need these people in your life to keep you accountable and to keep you on the right track.

I hope this blog post can inspire you to grab a piece of paper and start planning a great 2019! 

3 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions And Goals 2019

  1. Congrats on your medal in the commonwealth games! Very impressive. Good luck with your goals in the 2020 Olympics, great blog, inspirational and motivating.

    Liked by 1 person

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