Slay The Dragon Before The Dragon Slays You

Learn to love yourself. You might be thinking what self-love has to do with being a bad ass athlete or weightlifter. Well self-love is one of the most important things to reach your full potential and be happy. Self-love does not mean be arrogant or an ugly person to others, it merely states that when you love you for you then you will be able to go forward in life being positive and believing in yourself and your abilities.

I decided to tackle this topic because even I have trouble at times to love myself fully and 100% believe in my abilities. It is a normal thing to drift off sometimes but you cannot let the thought take over you or your life. My short comings are that I can be really hard on myself and often feel I need to do more. Yes, there are times where you can do more, but then there are also times where you must realize and accept that you actually did your best on the day.

By focusing on your strong points instead of your weaknesses and use this way to keep you positive and together with that believing in your abilities are key in reaching a higher level. [

What are the negative words you say to yourself on a daily basis that just puts you in a bad mood? What are the words other people say that hurt you or put you in a bad state of mind? How do you get past the hurt? How do you move forward without hearing this voice in your head? Well firstly, when that word comes to mind or when someone else says it you have to find a way to block it out. The saying goes “Slay the dragon, before the dragon slays you”.

Yes at times it’s so hard and feels like your whole world came crumbling down and you feel unhappy but you have to take control because someone isn’t going to take control for you. You have to realize these words are toxic and it is breaking you down. These words are stopping you from being happy and these words are destroying your inner being. How is it that just words can have so much power?

In psychology they call it self-talk, how you talk to yourself. Most often it’s a sentence or a word that stimulates you to be happy, positive and go do what you set your mind out to do. When you carry on having negative thoughts they start to take over your life and how you take on tasks. Kill that thought immediately before it ruins you.

Another way to get away from the negativity is remove yourself from the negative people. If you cannot remove yourself from those people then realize they are only saying those mean words because they are unhappy with themselves and actually try forgive them and move forward. I am not saying it is ok for them to keep speaking to you this way but forgiveness means you stop being angry and you focus on the good in your life. Negative thoughts creates negative emotions and negative emotions stops you from being your best. There are some things in life you cannot control but you can control your thoughts and how you react.

You need to start small. If you think you will beat the negative self-talk with one go, you have to think again. It is something that will take time especially if this has been going on for some time. You have to train the mind like you would train the body, which means daily! Without fail you have to commit to these exercises if you want to start the journey to bloom and reach your full potential.

  1. Jot down who it is that are saying these negative words and what they are.

This could be anyone from your family, friends, partner etc. Words like “you are not good enough.” “You will never succeed.” “You have reached your potential rather quit.” These are examples for negative self-talk or words that could be hurting you.

2. Write down how it has made you feel.

Can be sad, angry, frustrated, heartbroken, negative..

3. Write down how you currently see yourself.

Could be good or bad, this is something you have to look deep inside even if it hurts. Write it down because we are going to change that, you are going to change that.

4. Write down how you want to see yourself.

This could be anything like successful, strong, beautiful, intelligent, smart etc..

5. Write down the negative words and what words you can use to replace them.

I am ugly – I am beautiful

I am weak – I am strong and I can do this

You cannot do this – I can do this I am capable

I don’t believe I can do that – I believe full heartedly I can do that

6. Write some goals down on how you will stop the negative self-talk.

Every morning I will wake up with a smile and tell myself today will be a great day. I am going to conquer my day. I am going to go into the gym and enjoy it. You can also write these goals down where you can see them every morning when you wake up. Read them at night before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up. Believe in yourself. Meditate and see yourself succeed. See yourself achieving everything you want to achieve and feel the positive emotions that come with it.

7. COMMIT!!!

The steps above are there to help you put an action plan together and by doing this you have taken the first step into changing what has been keeping you back all this time.

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