Overnight Performance Oats

Overnight Performance Oats

This recipe has become more than just a once off experiment. It has now become an everyday meal before my morning training sessions. The best part is I stay full and have energy for up to 4 hours after I had my breakfast oats. I am a gluten free athlete due to allergies (Celiac) and there are many foods my body just doesn’t agree with. With lots of trial and error with breakfast meals I think we finally found one we will stick with for years. The best part, it truly is amazing and so tasty.

You can mix the ingredients around to find what really makes your taste buds tingle. We used a variety of ingredients with this recipe to not only make it taste good but also be really nutritious, filling your protein, carbohydrate and fat needs.


½ cup Oats (1 cup depending on bodyweight and energy expenditure)

½-3/4 cup Almond milk or Regular milk

2 tablespoons low fat yoghurt

½ teaspoon Cinnamon

1 teaspoon Chia seeds

1 teaspoon Honey

½ Apple

Small hand walnuts

1 scoop Whey protein

I use a mason jar to mix all my ingredients together and leave the oats mix overnight in the fridge. The oats soak up all the goodness and the flavour is amazing in the morning. The best way to make your oats is to start off measuring the oats and adding that to your mason jar. Add the milk and yoghurt next and mix well. Add the rest of your ingredients together leaving the apple and walnuts for last. This way it is easy to mix and you do not have the hassle of struggling to get a smooth mix going.

As a weightlifter that trains twice a day on most days I have always made sure my breakfast is my most important meal. It is also the meal I am always most excited to eat. This way I make sure I am fueled for my 1st training and I am not so hungry throughout the day. You can make this fit into your macros and reap the benefits of this amazing meal.

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