Saturday Weightlifting Workout

What exercises do you favour most? For me at the moment it varies weekly. I find some weeks I favour the snatch other weeks or days I favour the Clean and jerk. Some people have a specific lift they favour most of the time. I guess it all depends on how much these exercises can frustrate you at times. The ones we favour most aren’t necessarily the ones that needs the most attention, so take note that sometimes those exercises we hate the most could be the ones holding us back from hitting those new personal bests because we avoid doing them.

I will be sharing with you my Saturday workout I did after 8 sessions this week which I can say without a doubt was my hardest week so far this year. I am now training pain free from my injury and with caution we have added quite a bit of volume to my training in order to get back to lifting “BIG WEIGHTS”. My Goal is to qualify for the 2020 Olympics and I will work my hardest to do so.

Above video is one of my Power Snatches I did today for a few sets on 65kg after I did sets at 55kg and 60kg for triples and doubles. These felt pretty good today just took some time to get warm and moving after all the sessions this week. What helps is having a competition around the corner because one thing I always focus on during my sessions is making each and every set a quality set.

Cleans on 80kg

Above video is some of my cleans on 80kg. These felt pretty solid today and I can definitely feel my leg strength has taken it up a notch. I did some sets on 70kg-80kg for triples and doubles. Today wasn’t about going max. It was about working on speed and technique because next week we build up again to a new level. I ended my session today with clean deadlifts and some stretching to make sure when Monday comes, I am ready!

So make sure that even at the end of the week when you are tired you go into your session with a purpose. Even if it is small like speed work or technique. Go in and make every session count.

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