“How badly do you want it”

Something I read in my book and it really stood out for me. Sometimes people “think” they really want something in life but actually they don’t. What I mean by this is people want the end product, but not the work that goes into achieving that end product. 

People want the reward, but not the struggle, so they want the result but not the struggle. This is what definitively divide the achievers from the non achievers. Our struggle determines our successes.Β 

You are never allowed to stop climbing. Your work never stops. The joy is in the climb itself. You have to fall in love with the process. Work itself can be tiresome at some point. You wake up feeling tired and broken, but you go in and work on your goals. 

Over my years of being an athlete I have heard this a lot. “I also want to do weightlifting so I can travel the world.” As if it is that easy. People don’t see the struggles or tiredness or the broken body and motivation at times. People see you standing on the podium and say wow I also want to do that. But the question is, do they really?? 

Yes at the end of the day the struggle is it’s own reward. But the struggle at times are very very real and the only thing that gets you through that struggle is the focus that you have on the end result. 

The world out there is tough! It throws out a lot at you at some point in your life but when you get through that and see the light at the end of the tunnel it will get better. 

Bottom line here. When you want something learn to love the hard work that comes with it. Nothing in life worthwhile comes easy. What makes you wake up daily and go in and work is what will make you a champion. You have to have the WILL, you have to have the HEART. These are essential in order to achieve your goals.

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