Weightlifting Cues For Success

A few weeks ago at the all African games I heard one of the athletes say “why do you say light weight to the athlete who is lifting.” My answer to this was because when you walk onto the platform you need to know you can do the weight that is put on the bar and believe! You should walk up the bar thinking it’s a light and easy weight.

Her response then was, but it’s a heavy weight. This came from an athlete firstly and secondly I was very surprised to hear how she would think going for a max lift in competition thinking this is a heavy weight is the way to go. Well, everyone to themselves. In my opinion as an athlete and coach, you can never take on a weight in weightlifting thinking negative thoughts otherwise there’s a 99% chance you will fail. In weightlifting you need to believe and you need to be positive and aggressive. This sport is not for the faint hearted.

Many coaches and athletes use different cues to get them motivated or psyched up. I have my own ones that gets me psyched up and when I have my somewhat off days my coach and James will remind me of those.

Some cues that has worked for me and I have heard other coaches use:
1) Light weight
2) Big pull
3) Drive with your legs
4) Be aggressive
5) Pull and block or Pull and punch
6) Big chest
7) Big push
8) Patience with the bar
9) Tight back

And there are many many more that you can use. Every athlete is different and some cues work for some athletes and some don’t work. You need to experiment with cues and see what works for you.

I just felt the need to write about this topic seeing how it’s so important to have something to get your athletes psyched up or even just having them fix a technical fault they might revert back to every so often.

It just blows my mind how some athletes can walk up to the bar and doubt themselves. This sport will be your worst enemy if you do so. Get what works for you and keep doing that. Remember nothing happens over night. This takes practice just like everything else. 

“Slay the dragon before the dragon slays you!”

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