Reflecting on 2019

Qatar International Cup 2019

What is more frustrating than setting goals and not achieving it? Especially if you are a goal driven person. Life isn’t always just ups and as much as we want it to be and still put in the work it can always just kick you in the butt. That doesn’t mean you give up or just fall apart. That means you go back to the drawing board, you reassess your goals and action plan and you get straight back to work.

Goals doesn’t take into consideration when life stuff happens or when you get injured but it takes a true hard worker and someone with a strong mind to be flexible and accept the situation and build from there. Again, this doesn’t mean your goals fall by the waist line. It means you get back on the horse when you are ready and you go and get what you have worked for.

I always take the time at the end of the year and reflect how my year went and how I want my next year to go. I tell people about my goals because I like having someone also keep me accountable for my goals but I am also one to keep my eyes on the target as an individual. We often need that someone to say, “hey” you have goals to achieve. Focus on that, not on all the other things you cannot control that’s going on around you.

2019 has also brought a lot of great things for me. Its normal to sometimes overlook the good things and just focus on the down parts but it is not healthy to do so. When you focus on just the negative, it can eat you alive! Why do we just focus on all the bad when in fact there definitely is good things to focus on too. For me, I got to marry my best friend and love of my life. We got engaged at one of my international Olympic qualifiers and made headlines for that. I am healthy and loved and that is something a lot of people overlook. I am strong and working myself back up to my goals and I have the opportunity to train full time. I have a house with my husband in Romania. We have goals together and I was able to afford all my international competitions this year with a lot of support.

I am also 90% there with my all time best lifts and I am only getting stronger. I know one thing I have is a strong mind and I will do everything it takes to get that Olympic spot this year. I came back from a bad injury I got after worlds in 2018 and it has not stopped me. Life throws you lemons and you have to make lemonade.

Now bring on 2020 I am ready for you. I am strong and I am able. I hope everyone out there is ready as well because the year is upon us and it feels like the years are going quicker and quicker.

Happy new year to all my fellow athletes, friends and my support team 


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