Sport Psychology (Mental Skills) for Youth Athletes

Such an overlooked topic and we as coaches can make such a big difference in an athletes life when it comes to the mental skills we teach our athletes when we coach.

This topic has been my interest for years! I love working with youth and seeing how they blossom into amazing young athletes, on and off the sports field or platform. I also believe we can mold an athlete and provide them with skills to help them in adulthood. We can also break athletes, which is a very sad thing, but very true when it comes to how we talk to our athletes and how we handle certain situations as coaches.

When you get to teach athletes about Sport Psychology, they are never too young or too old to learn. I made this YouTube video to teach you as coaches or parents, the basics of sport psychology and how you can teach your kids or athletes the basic mental skills without making it too complex for them.

You want to make it a topic of excitement and you want to give them some flexibility to also experiment with these skills which will later on become a big part of their athletic career and the most important part is, it will become automatic for them.

You never see an elite athlete that does not have a strong mind. These are skills that were learnt over the years of training and preparation of what is to come and how to handle anything that gets thrown their way.

We can make a difference in kids’ lives and I believe we should take the opportunity while we can and while they are still young.

As coaches we are not always perfect, but if we strive to continue to better ourselves to educate our kids, we are well on our way to make a BIG difference.

Keep learning and keep striving to be a role model for others.

For more information on how to teach youth athletes about Mental Skills, please go to my link below to watch my full video on Sport Psychology for Youth Athletes.

Mental Skills By Mona

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