Sport psychology 101: Mental skills for mastering your mind

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Upper Body Strength/Size Program


This program is designed for the athlete that is looking for an upper body specialisation program to build a massive base of mass in the upper back, chest and arms. Or for the athlete working around a lower body injury and wishes to improve the strength and size of their upper body.
While it has been created as a 4 week program, it can be used for multiple cycles in a row. Just increase your 1 repetition maximum (1RM) by 2.5 – 5kgs or 5 – 10lbs each time you finish a cycle.

  • Build a stronger press
  • Build a bigger base through larger traps, erectors and lats
  • Build arms that scare your neighbours
  • Bulletproof your shoulders

4 Week Mental Skills Workbook


Want to improve your performance in your sport and your career? By the end of this workbook, you will have identified the key psychological skills you need to take your mental and physical performance to the next level. Each week you will cover:

  • Week 1 – Performance Evaluation
  • Week 2 – Self Evaluation
  • Week 3 – Priorities
  • Week 4 – Self Reflection and Mental Toughness

Mental skills coaching for athletes addresses the mental game of sport. It teaches athletes psychological skills you can use to better adhere to your exercise programs, and perform well in both training and competition even (and especially) under adverse conditions.

4 Week Weightlifting Base Cycle


This program is designed for the weightlifter to develop all-round strength and to address muscles/exercises that don’t often get programmed during a normal weightlifting cycle. The idea for this off-season cycle is to accumulate volume preparing you for your next intense weightlifting cycle. Doing so will:

  1. Increase your work capacity
  2. Add muscle mass to key areas that will enhance your lifts
  3. Build a more resilient body especially when performing movements outside of the sagittal plane
  4. Refresh your body and mind by giving you new and various exercises you may not have done before.