The Importance Of Gym Culture

ECX Dragons at the Arnold Classic 2017 Everyone that trains in a gym for sport understands and has experienced some sort of culture where they either feel a part of the gym family or there is no gym family. I have been blessed with experiencing having a family in the gym. By this I mean … Continue reading The Importance Of Gym Culture

How Athletes Deal With Anxiety: Part 1

To get more insight on how athletes can deal with anxiety click HERE to get a copy of my ebook! 2018 IWF World Championships When to use Sport Psychology? Sport Psychology is useful when you are struggling in sport and life. However, it is just as useful when you are on top of your game. … Continue reading How Athletes Deal With Anxiety: Part 1

Youth And Strength Training

Elija Rumfeld at the Youth American nationals 2018 One of my passions is working with young athletes be it strength and conditioning or Olympic weightlifting. I believe kids are where we start to develop young stars. An athlete that starts at a very young age with proper strength and conditioning training can go into any … Continue reading Youth And Strength Training