Sport Psychology (Mental Skills) for Youth Athletes

Such an overlooked topic and we as coaches can make such a big difference in an athletes life when it comes to the mental skills we teach our athletes when we coach. This topic has been my interest for years! I love working with youth and seeing how they blossom into amazing young athletes, on … Continue reading Sport Psychology (Mental Skills) for Youth Athletes

Saturday Weightlifting Workout

What exercises do you favour most? For me at the moment it varies weekly. I find some weeks I favour the snatch other weeks or days I favour the Clean and jerk. Some people have a specific lift they favour most of the time. I guess it all depends on how much these exercises can … Continue reading Saturday Weightlifting Workout

Youth And Strength Training

Elija Rumfeld at the Youth American nationals 2018 One of my passions is working with young athletes be it strength and conditioning or Olympic weightlifting. I believe kids are where we start to develop young stars. An athlete that starts at a very young age with proper strength and conditioning training can go into any … Continue reading Youth And Strength Training